To help schools understand and implement this teaching method, we have developed a few products/services:
Product/Service A:
AlgeCard sets.

 You may purchase the AlgeCards sets directly from us. The Teacher Set is magnetic-backed and bigger in size. It is suitable for demonstration on the whiteboard in typical Singapore classrooms. The student set is smaller in size and is designed for use by individual students given the limited size of classroom desks.


$50 for each Teacher Set
Clearance Sale : NOW $35 for each Teacher's Set
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     $5 for each Student set



Product/Service B:
AlgeCards with student training
We recommend this as a basic package for schools as students (and teachers) will need to be suitably familiar with the AlgeCards in order to help them benefit from its productive use. This package includes 3x 1hour sessions by a trainer on the use of Algecards to learn suitable algebraic skills that are covered in the Singapore mathematics syllabus. Teachers are welcome to sit-in these sessions to learn about the method. At the end of the training sessions, each student who participates will be given a Student Set of AlgeCards. We conduct sessions fora minimum of 25 students per class.
Cost: $30 for each participating student
Product/Service C:
Professional Development
We offer this as a follow-up to Product/Service B. Teachers who want to build on students’ knowledge of the AlgeCards for other mathematics topics not covered in the 3X1-hr sessions may like to know more about how to extend the usefulnessof the method. Our consultant, who is a mathematics teacher educator in the National Institute of Education, Singapore, is able to provide advice and conduct professional development courses for teachers.
Cost:Varies depending on the needs of the school.
Workshop: How to Motivate Students to Learn Mathematics

Encountering serious difficulties in your lessons?  Let’s pause and learn how to motivate students to learn!

The Mathematics Clinic has programs which can be tailored to address your school’s needs. 

  • School-based workshop

Different motivational strategies will be shared and discussed by Mathematics Education experts.

  • Implementation into the curriculum

    Teachers will discuss with Mathematics Educators on infusing the motivational strategies into their lessons and making replacement units.

Do contact us today to discuss how YOU can make a change in your students’ learning.

Please contact Ms Esther See at admin@themathsclinic