The Mathematics Clinic serves as a resource for teachers, parents, tutors and anyone who is involved in the teaching and learning of Mathematics in children, particularly, children who are weak in the subject, lacks the motivation, interest, confidence or are clinically termed as “Mathematically challenged” students.  The aim of the Mathematics Clinic is to provide students who find mathematics challenging with some useful tools to aid in their learning process.
Just like a clinic, it offers remedies to weak students but the efficacy depends on the application of it.  We will engage Mathematics educators, experts in their field for their inputs to teach certain Mathematics concepts and share ideas on how to encourage students in their learning.


We hope that through this website, we can help students enjoy learning Mathematics and that this love for learning will continue even until their adulthood.


Our current focus is on the topic of Algebra at the Lower Secondary levels.
The approach we adopt is based on the principle of concretising Algebra by means of
AlgeCards that some local education researchers and teachers have developed.
[For an article on the instructional approach, please click here]

  For any enquiries, please email to admin@themathsclinic.com